Health Guarantee

Puppy Lane Labs Health Guarantee
1149 E. 150 North Rd
Nokomis IL, 62075
Edward H. Michael, Owner
12 Month Health Guarantee

Bill Of Sale

To the best of the breeder and buyer’s knowledge, this puppy has neither known problems nor defects.

I will exchange this puppy for another puppy of equal value (same breed, color, and sex). NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, NO EXCEPTIONS for any other reasons.  This exchange offer applies only after receiving an OFA or PENNHIP evaluation and the pup is found with hip displasia and PRA and RD or other genetic blindness problems. No refund will be given if blindness is a result of injury or nutritional deficiency. If puppy is deceased, a necropsy must be done at the buyer’s expense.

* The Breeder is NOT responsible for any Veterinarian Expenses incurred by the buyer at any time.

**If this puppy is purchased at a discounted price, the Health Guarantee is VOID.

***This puppy has been vet checked prior to shipping, knowing the Breeder would never knowingly sell a sick puppy.

I represent my puppies as Loving Pets.  I have given permission to and expect the Buyer to continue the same loving care that I have given.

The original buyer for this Health Guarantee to be valid must own this puppy.

New Puppy Owner: _____________________________   Puppy’s Name: _____________________________

Address: ________________________________    City:__________________   ST:______  Zip ___________

Home Ph: ___________________  Cell: ____________________  email: ______________________________

Breeder’s Signature: __________________________________  Date  of  Purchased: ____________________

Breed: Labrador Retriever Sex: Male /Female  Color: Black, Chocolate, Yellow, Cream, Fox red, White

Price:  $________    Deposit:  $________    Shipping:  $_______    Meeting Place: _______________________

Health Records:  Vaccinations Given at 5wk____8wk____11wk___4-6mo___

Liquid Wormer:  3wk__ 5wk__8wk__

Puppy’s Parents:   Sire: ________________________________     Dam: _______________________________

Puppy’s AKC # _______________________________   Microchip # _________________________________